Powerful Wazifa For Success In Job Interview

Powerful Wazifa For Success In Job Interview ,” If you desire to get success in a job interview, you should recite Darood-e-Taj. It is very powerful and effective in this case.

You should also be certain not to indulge in unfair means like bribery. Your sole faith should be on Allah swt.

For getting success in interview, you will have to start this Wazifa just 2 days before the interview. You will have to recite Darood-e-Taj Sharif.

Job Selection Wazifa

You should recite it 21 times after Fajr Prayer, daily till the day of interview and do dua to Allah, the Almighty for interview success.

in Sha Allah, by the grace of Allah swt, you will get success in interview. After you have got that job, cook some sweet food and distribute among children.

  • Darood-e-Taj is given above for reference.



  • You should make fresh ablution.
  • The intention should be a good one
  • You should not rely on unfair means for getting a job
  • Allah swt judges you by your intentions and rewards you for the same
  • You should be punctual and determined throughout the Wazifa
  • You should not rely only a specific Wazifa to achieve success. Hard work and making efforts are a pre requisite for getting anything
  • You should not forget Allah after you achieve what you desire. Continue doing good deeds and charity to please the Almighty.

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