Bismillah Ka Wazifa

Bismillah Ka Wazifa ,” This the most powerful wazifa on this whole website. Nothing is more powerful than this. Anyone who will do this wazifa will come under direct supervision of Allah himself. Bismillah Ka Wazifa,  He will never ever and i mean never ever have any problems in his life. He will be shown the right way by Allah and he will never go astray in his Din.

He will see the future in his dreams and Allah will tell him every thing that is about to happen with him before hand. Bismillah Ka Wazifa, He will never have to ask any one for anything. what ever he needs Allah will provide. What ever he wants is Allah’s responsibility personally.

No enemy will be able to harm him. No black magic will work on him. Everyone who will see him will respect him. Basically what ever you want will be provided. Bismillah K Fazail You will wish in your heart for some thing and it will happen. Angels of Bismillah will start to stay with you 24 hours a day on orders of Allah. After some time they will start to advise you on what to do and what not to do. You will hear them in your heart as they will put thoughts in your mind. But you will not see them.

Har Hajat Puri Hone Ke Liye: When some one feel that everything is going in a wrong direction then after Maghrib salat ecite it 1000 times then pray for the problem, do this 90 days in shaa Allah problem will solve no matter what is the problem, Also tie or wear its naqsh.

Dili Muraad Puri Hone ke liye: If any one have any wish it should be solved once and for all, recite 1000 times and keep its naqash around your neck.

Rizq Mein Izafa Ke Liye : After maghrib salat recite it 199 times and pray, do this 180 days, in shaa Allah it will increase wealth, rizq and barkah,

Dua Qabool hone ke liye: Recite 33 times before praying, in shaa Allah, Allah will accept prayer and fulfill the desire of the person.

Karobar Mein Barkat Ke Liye: If you’re going in your business through a hard time, and business is not going well then After Isha salat recite it 786 times with Darood Ibrahimi 33 time before and after, do this for 14 days, and use naqash around your neck, In shaa Allah all your business or financial problems will go away.

Sacha Pyar Pane Ke Liye: If any man wants to be make some one fall in love for a good reason, then after isha salat recite this 99 times, imagine that person and blow, do this 90 days, It will create love between husband and wife,

Kund Zehni ke liye: If a child’s is not interested in study or would not remember the lessons. Mix its naqash in water and make child drink this water for 40 days in shaa Allah child start study and memory increase.

Dozakh Se Nijat Ke Liye: If someone recite Bismillah every time, no matter walking, sitting or lying on the bed, the person will be safe from going to Hell

Talism Khatam Karne Ke Liye: If you found a taweez or tlism in your house or at any place, recite 786 times and blow on it, in shaa Allah its effects will go away.

Taskheer Khalq Ke Liye: Every person has the desire to be able to control people, get respect in society. Recite 66 times after Maghrib salat daily and keep its naqash in your pocket.or wear as taweez around your neck, do this 90 days

Get Rid of Bad Boss: If people are upset by a bad boss then recite 786 times after zuhar salat , do this 41 days, and In shaa Allah all will get rid of bad boss

Chori Se Hifazat ke Liye: For safety of house from thief or stealing recite 66 times before going to bed, . and keep its naqsh in the house.