Apni Pasand Ki Shadi Jaldi Karne Ka Wazifa

Apni Pasand Ki Shadi Jaldi Karne Ka Wazifa
Apni Pasand Ki Shadi Jaldi Karne Ka Wazifa

Apni Pasand Ki Shadi Jaldi Karne Ka Wazifa ,” Islam is a great religion where we can find solutions for all types’ problems. Jaldi se jaldi achi jaga shadi ka wazifa in Islam is also a great remedy for those girls who are going to married with an unknown person. They wish that their in-laws will nice and her husband will give love, respect, care and all those things which she deserves. A big house, a good husband, a lovely family etc are the dream of any girl for marriage. Wazifa can fulfill her all wishes comes true with Islamic power and bless her with a beautiful and lovely family.


Jaldi Shadi Ka Wazifa/Wazaif

If you are facing late marriage problem and you are continuously rejected for boys then this remedy for jaldi shadi ka wazifa/ wazaif will help you to get marry soon. It’s providing a beautiful and powerful way to dua to Allah for jaldi shadi. Jaldi shadi ka wazifa is provided for late marriage problem, early marriage, marriage issues, and other all husband wife dispute problems.


Jaldi Shadi Ka Wazifa In Islam

In Islam, Marriage is a big and beautiful event for any girl. They wish a beautiful home and want to live there with her husband with lots of love and affection. But their dreams never come true if they not are getting married on time. Jaldi shadi ka wazifa in Islam is remedy for provides them a path to get marry soon with their desired person. This is simply a dua to Allah for early marriage with their loved person and asks for blessing her to live a happy married life.

  • Raat ko sone se pehle is wazifa ko kare toh afzal hoga.
  • Sabse pehle Durood Shareef parhe 11 martaba
  • Fir “Surah Ikhlas” 90 martaba parhe… “Qul Huw-Allahu Ahad, Allah-Us-Samad Lam Yalid Wi Lam Yulad Wa Lam Yakul Lahu Kufuwan Ahad”
  • Fir Durood Shareef parhe 11 martaba
  • Aur Allah (swt) se apni shadi ke liye poori shiddataur imandari se dua kare.
  • Insha Allah, apki dua zaroor se kubool hogi.

Ye wazifa bahot hi asardar hai. Isko aaj hi kare aur asar dekhe. Iske sahi fayde aur tarika jaanne ke liye Islamic molvi se baat kare

  • Offer the obligatory prayers of the night and then while sitting on the mat only, recite Surah Taha 11 times
  • This needs to be done for 21 days.
  • Along with Darood Paak for 7 times and pray with all your heart for your quick and easy marriage.
  • This is best wazifa for instant shadi k liye.
    • Recite Durood-e-Pak 11 times
    • Recite Surah Ikhlas 41 times
    • Complete it with durood-e-Pak 11 times again.
    • Pray to Allah (swt) and express your desire to marry the boy or girl you want to.
    • Shadi k liye wazifa ubqari needs to be performed for 90 days, without a gap.





  • Divide 12 Nafil prayers in 2 parts each.
  • In every segment read, Surah Fateha and Surah Ikhlas 12 times
  • Once you’re done with 12 Nafilprayer as mentioned above, recite Durood-e-Ibrahim 100 times.
  • This shadi k liyewazifa is very helpful for those who wish to get instantly married to the one they desire.

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