Taweez to Get Rid of Jinn

Taweez to Get Rid of Jinn ,” The Jinn are beings created with free will, living on earth in a world parallel to mankind.  Jinns are an intelligent spirit of lower rank than the angels. Able to appear in human and animal forms and to possess humans. They live in mountains and caves , away from human living area. But as they have a very long life like 500 years or 700 years. So Now they have started to live with us.

Taweez to Get Rid of Jinns

If some on possess a jinn then he/she should write Surah Yunus on the skin of Dear. And wear it in neck as taweez or tie on right arm. In shaa Allah jinn will leave the person.


Jinns insan k sath sath rehtey han isi dunya men, ye farishton sey kam taqat waor hotey han lakin in men ghaib honey ki taqat hoti hai aur ye kisi bhi insan k ander ghus ker use k jism per qabza kersaktey han,

Taweez to Get Rid of Jinns

Ager kisi k oper is terhan jinnat k asrat hon tu usey chahiye kn Surah Yunus ko Hiran ki jhili per likh ker taweez bana ker galey men paheny ya sidhey bazu per bandhey , in shaa Allah jinn ka asar khatm hojaye ga,

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