Islamic Wazifa For Job In Abroad

Islamic Wazifa For Job In Abroad
Islamic Wazifa For Job In Abroad

Islamic Wazifa For Job In Abroad ,” If you wish to take up a job abroad and settle there, you can take help of certain wazifas. You might be facing a lot of problems in getting a job overseas, but Allah, the Almighty can solve any and everything.

The duration of this Wazifa is 4 weeks and by the end you will succeed In Sha Allah.


You should start this Wazifa on the first Monday night i.e. the night between Sunday and Monday of an Islamic month.

The time of Wazifa starts after sunset till midnight (12 at night). After that the time for Wazifa is finished.

Wazifa must be completed within this time. You have to recite the following on specific days:


  • Monday
  1. Darood Sharif 7 times
  2. Surah Fatiha 70 times
  3. Darood Sharif 7 times


  • Tuesday
  1. Darood Sharif 6 times
  2. Surah Fatiha 60 times
  3. Darood Sharif 6 times


  • Wednesday
  1. Darood Sharif 5 times
  2. Surah Fatiha 50 times
  3. Darood Sharif 5 times


  • Thursday
  1. Darood Sharif 4 times
  2. Surah Fatiha 40 times
  3. Darood Sharif 4 times


  • Friday
  1. Darood Sharif 3 times
  2. Surah Fatiha 30 times
  3. Darood Sharif 3 times


  • Saturday
  1. Darood Sharif 2 times
  2. Surah Fatiha 20 times
  3. Darood Sharif 2 times


  • Sunday
  1. Darood Sharif 1 time
  2. Surah Fatiha 10 times
  3. Darood Sharif 1 time


Read Bismillah after every Surah Fatiha. If Allah swt wills it, you get taste success. Follow this for 4 weeks. Even if you get the job within this period, then too continue it till the end.

Job Selection Wazifa

There is yet another Wazifa for getting your dream job. According to this Wazifa, you should read the understated dua after morning or night obligatory prayer 313 times till 21 days. Don’t forget to recite Darood Sharif 11 times both in the beginning and the end.


“Yaa Mu’teaee Yaa Muagheaesuu Yaa A’zaeemoo Yaa Waahahaaba”

You should not solely rely on this Wazifa for getting a job abroad. You should continue making efforts on your part as well.

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